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Timeless Patterns, Vibrant Colors & Unmatched Quality. BCC Replacements Features Popular Wedgwood Teapot, Bowl, Teacup & Saucer Sets.

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Grand Millennium Décor

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Grand Millennium Décor

Yes! Thanks to Netflix there has been a resurgence and its been dubbed Grand Millennium Decor. The Netflix show Bridgerton, premiered on December 25th, 2020 the first season was met with positive reviews with a viewership of 82 million households. It has become the most watched series on Netflix. In this show, the signature color of the Bridgerton family is specifically “Wedgwood Blue” and The wedgwood patterns displayed in this show are the “Regency” pattern and “Grand Millennium decor” which is basically Wedgwood speak for “wallpaper patterns your grandparents used to have, bright colors and busy designs (Maximalist designs)” which are used on the show and that is a common theme among Wedgwood products. This show has caused a rise in google searches for ”Tea” “Afternoon Tea at home” “Tea Sets Vintage” and “Victorian tea sets”Another netflix show called “The Queen's Gambit” has further increased the popularity of “Grandmillennial style” as the décor in the home of the main character is very 1960’s style. Publishers like Vogue, House Beautiful, and the washington post have also been publishing articles regarding this resurgence of this older decor with titles like “Grandmillennial style is the new interiors trend making maximalism cool again”

Wonderlust Collection

An eclectic collection of patterned bowls, mugs, dinner plates, candles, picture frames and more inspired by the wonders of travel. Each piece of patterned tableware, drinkware & serve ware from the collection pays homage to destinations from Europe through to Asia and puts a unique contemporary spin on Wedgwood's famous floral prints & designs.


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Renaissance Gold Collection

Live a life less ordinary when you sit down to dinner with Renaissance Gold. You’ll feel revived every day when sipping from sumptuous gold gilded cups and eating off bold patterns adorned with colors that achieve an indulgent glow. Cakes will stand taller and sandwiches prouder when served on these expressive pieces. Use the complete set for full dazzling impact or select individual pieces to add a Midas touch to other Wedgwood collections, such as Gio or Intaglio. Whatever floats your gold sauce boat. After all, it’s good to express yourself, but it’s even better to do it every day. So, go ahead – express yourself!


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Renaissance Red
Renaissance Gold
Old Country Roses

Gifting Wedgwood Tea Sets


Information You Need To Ask Recipient

Your loved one broke a signature part of their collection and you want to gift a replacement. Here is a list of information you need to ensure your gift is the best fit!

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